第一讲: 申请信






I am a student /graduate of /from(           university),expecting to graduate with  a bachelor’s degree  this summer .i am writing the letter to apply for the ----




Several  factors I believe, qualify me  for the program, firstly, attached please find my resume ,which provides  a clear picture  on my academic attainments and working experience .

what is more,as 应聘单位 has long enjoyed a remarkable international reputation,I prepare a lot for this job/interview.

 I have great interest in this concerning field  ,which also makes me a competent can+did+ate for this position.





Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to read my application, and I am looking forward to hearing from  you.














  I  am a   student of (         major)in(        university). I am writing the letter  for the purpose of applying for the position as (       )you  have recently advertised.







As far as I am concerned ,I am suited to the job in more ways than one.

To begin with ,the four years’ training in (------major ) and volunteer work.  I have engaged in have provided  me with solid academic foundation and priceless working experience .moreover, this ideal position is suitable for the job for I am often referred to as an easy going diligent person with team spirit.






Enclosed please find my resume with more speific personal information .thanks for consideration  of my application  .I  look forward to your favorable reply  at your early convenice. 












Dear Sir or Madam,

第一段:I’m writing this letter for the purposeof applying for the position[as posted  in the newspaper].






第二段:My qualifications, I believe, just amply meet your requirements. In the first place,my major, English, is perfectly in line with  this job. In the second, my previous working experience[as a middle-school English teacher] has helped  lay a solid foundation for the work here. Inaddition, I am a good team player, self-motivated and eager to learn. Please refer to my resume attached for more details.




I would appreciate it  a lot  if you could schedule an interview for me. Looking forward to your reply at your earliest convenience.











I would /am willing to devote my personal/private time to the benefit of the company for twenty-four hours(all the time/around the clock), and strive for the company’s collective interests.






I could adapt to/integrate  myself with the new working environment very quickly , and I am able to quickly complete tasks and understand /comprehend

 the main points of the work。 


Key words:

Application 申请;Apply 申请;Position 职位;Post 职位;Qualifications资质; Background:bachelorMaster Doctor; work experience: solid foundation(良好的基础);team player, self-motivated, eager to learn(渴望学习)








    I am writing to inform you about( the decision to resign from my current position.)







I sincerely wish you could approve my resignation, and I apologize in advance for any inconvenience thus caused.

 I am much grateful to be employed in your company and gain some working experience here. (模板句二)

Please accept my sincere apology for any inconvenience my leaving may incur. (模板句三)My best wishes for the company’s continued growth.










I promise that I will stay through the next month to help you find a replacement/suitable staff/alternative for my position.





I am incompetent with/Far from/way off    routine/daily work and task requirements (be equal to







my educational background and research field /area/ scope /orientation

are not related/irrelated/irrelevant to my work.




For my own reason,I can not keep a good /sound relationship with others and lead to the resolution of problems with my workmates.




perhaps for my own reason /Owing to /due to /because of my personal reasons, I can't handle (1deal with  2 tackle with3cope with 或用 so that )the personal relationship within the team , also I can't cooperate and communicate with other people well.





第四讲 邀请信




there will be a (邀请内容) , held by (   举办方   ) ,as you are a close friend of ours ,we would be pleased to have you join us as an honored guest。


the activity will be held in (              )/at (              ),including the items as follows:



 . TO begin with ,we will conduct a discussion on some heated topic  concerning (            ).then we will enjoy an excellent show..I am sure we will have a good time then. 




  I  look forward to your favorable reply.please let us know your decision at your earliest convenice. thank you for your time.


亲爱的(     ),有一个这样的晚会。您是我们亲密的朋友,我们非常荣幸请您作为我们嘉宾来应邀出席。

这个活动将会在(                                              )进行举办。我们对(    主题)将会进行一个讨论,同时会涉及比较热议的当前话题。然后我们将会欣赏由风采各异的学生展开的表演。在此之后我们将会品尝当地的特色佳肴,我们希望您能赏光来与我们欢度时光。









Your presence/attendance will lead the atmosphere to a new climax, so that we can have the honor to be together with you。your personal merit will be demonstrated /illustrated /enlighten to us.





You are a well-known (academic specialist)expert in the academic field. Your speech and attendance will surely give/enlighten us a brand new understanding/Comprehension about this field。




  on behalf of (   单位          )I  am writing  to express my heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable help during  (      时间      ).






As a direct result of your efforts,we have been able to finish task efficient .without your assistance I  am afarid we would not have achieved anything .what impressed me the most was your professional ethics and extensive knowledge,you have set a good example for us all.




  I  hope I have the opportunity to return my honor to you .i will feel very honored and pleased if I  can help you in the near furture,I  am looking forward to meeting you next time .




I intend to convey/express my sincere gratitude/appreciation to you.

您对我做的这些事是非常善良和慷慨的,我无法用语言表达 .


1What you have done for me is so kind and generous that I can not express it through words.

2I have no more gratitude for your kindness and generosity

3so generous and kind was your effort for me,-----------------.

my gratitude for your kindness and generous help is beyond description/words.,



在我需要帮助的时候,如果不是您给予我援助和支持,我不会取得成功 (或是度过艰难时刻)


during the tough period, but for your help ,I will not succed .

I  can not get any success without your help and support in my bottle/bottom period 

it is your generous help and support that allow me to get success


When i am in a dilemma,if you do not give me assist and support,I will not gain achievement



It is said that your kind help that arrive at such splendid achievements, and we will never forget your painstaking labor and full cooperation / warm hospitality。 

(2)the reason why I attain remarkable achievement is your kind assistance and cooperation






I will cherish your unselfish assistance as a forever memory during my whole life.

You help me without charging anything.  I hope I can return your favors  very soon.






1 without a shadow of doubt, your kindness made me believe that love still exists in the world.

2 I begin to believe that love still exists in this world until the appearance of your friendship. i will spread/convey  it to the needed people 

3your kindness made me believe that love still exists / is perpetual in this world,  i will spread/convey  it to the needed people 









   I am extremely sorry to tell you that(抱歉的事).I am hereby writing  the letter of apology  to show my deep regret.

替换模板I am writing this letter to apologize to you for my mistake/ 动词ing+名词.

I hope you could forgive my careless action /rude / reckless behavior







There were several causes leading to my fault, firstly when it happened ,I was fully engaged in ( 做某事),thus everything was out of control  when I realized ,secondly,there was too many (人 /噪音/东西),which also contribute  to deterioration of the  matter。although I did everything to compensate。 what was done can not be undone(覆水难收)。 




  I am sorry to have put you into so much trouble ,and I will try my best to make up  for it . I sincerely hope that you  will be able to think in my position  and accept my apology.         







I am very sorry that I was fully occupied with daily work, so I made this mistake by  careless /rude  behavior without caring  other people’s  interest.  

due to my routine work,I  sincerely apologize for /that I am careless behavior with other people’s interest.  




1Had I paid more attention then/ were more cautious, I wouldn’t have made such a stupid mistake/error/blunder .

2if I have paid more attention to this affair perhaps i could not cause unnecessary trouble. 


3我必须反思自己,纠正这个不好的习惯。(correct    rectify)

I must reflect on  /rethink/retrospect  myself and get rid of the bad habit.







Now something must be done to solve the problem .If necessary, I will compensate for any troubles it may cause.

The issue will gain the solution,I will undertake the loss which the mistake caused.

the most urgent concern is how to deal with it ,and I  would paid – the bill caused  by this mistake.





• I am writing to complain about the poor quality of your product and  bad-service given by your company .     






• .     The reasons for my dissatisfaction lie upon three points as follows

•       1)

•       2) 

•       3)

          . Under these circumstances, I find it difficult to        





•     .    I am sure that you are able to fully understand my discontent, which you are bound to replace with a satisfied solution.







•  I would be grateful if you could contact me as soon as possible. 





its package is out of date while its  appearance/service  is not the same  with the account described in the advertisement.



its function/service  can not meet my requirements,meanwhile,its quality (can not match/ the national standard

Its function is incompetent with my requirement, meanwhile,the quality can't be eligible for the national standard.

not only its function does not attain my requirement but also the quality is not accord with the national standard。



The after-sale service’s  response is so slow that i lost my patience and trust with the company . Therefore,i decide to make a complaint .

the after sale  service respond very slow to my request,finally ,i lost all my patience and trust toward your company,and decide to (lodge complaint  against this product/ express my discontent to you) .





Good news travels fast! It was delightful for me to hear the sound information . Please accept my sincere congratulations to your achievement. 





I know how hard you have been working and I am very proud of you for your achievement.    I understand for sure that it is your hard work / your excellent ability that leads you to the current success. This new starting line, on the other hand, adds a new dimension to your life and is bound to unfold a new chapter to the history of success.


• May all goes beautifully in your new post/future!


I  wish you will enjoy a pleasant Spring festival!




This new starting line/beginning, , adds/brings  a new dimension  to your life ,which is bound to unfold/reveal a new chapter(the veil of )  to the history of success.



1I know how hard you have been working and I am very proud of / take pride in you for your achievement.

2long time I  witness your diligence and efforts, I am very proud of / take pride in you for your achievement.





I have been watching your progress with admiration all the years, and I know more than anyone else how much effort you have put in.

I was always concern with your progress with admired sight in the past several years, I acknowledge that you spare no effort to accomplish the tasks compared with anyone else.

3I have been watching your progress with admiration all the years,

no one knows the effort which you have paid into work apart from me.




Now you prove to me a matured and well-rounded  man/woman in every respect. Judging from your current success / achievement, I am confident with you in the future.

It is obvious that you have grown

mature and ------,according to our situation,I am full of confidence

 with you .










第一句Please excuse me, words (from the bottom of my heart) jump into your eyesight unexpectedly. 

第二句1(负面)I feel bad to trouble you but I am afraid I have to make a complaint about()。(正面)This letter is written for the purpose of making suggestions for (doing something)。

第三句I would be much appreciative if you could  take the following content into consideration 









(第二段首句) there are a few aspects concerning my letter:(内容十个字左右).


I hope my straight expression won ‘t cause any misunderstanding to you due to  my limited ability and vision,

if so,please forgive my rudeness.,

As  you know, maybe now it is better for us  to have a deep communication over this issue ,then our relationship will be stronger than before,


I hold the firm belief that tomorrow will be fullfilled with sunshine .





It is my sincere wish  that you could reply me at your earliest convenience .Thanks a lot for your time and attention to this letter 。

Wish you enjoy the spring festival。





漫画作文模板【英语一专用】消极型( 如环境破坏,贪污腐败,浪费粮食,道德丧失等)





Exactly according to the ancient Chinese poet li bai’s words that romantic charm takes precedence when appreciating painting, the above ingenious picture delineates(------).

I think whoever catches sight of the penetrating picture will ponder a long while over it.恰如中国古代诗人袁枚所言:“品画先神韵”,上图妙手丹青描绘了---------------,我相信,无论谁看到这入木三分的画面恐怕都会思忖良久吧。 






第一句It is crystal clear that the painting reflects (主题词) in the current society with an artistic presentation technique.

第二句The vacancy of education has, at least in part, been the immediate cause of this phenomenon.


第三句However, the underlying causes rest with all sorts of factors



 Unaccomplished   consensus, obscure corresponding specifications, chaotic values, the deficiency of details in system management, narrow vision, psychological imbalance, defective punishment mechanism, unsound policies and regulations,emotion anxiety heavy pressure, inadequate supervision, fast pace, worship crisis, the rise of individualism, and the lack of appropriate guidance. 很明显,这幅图用艺术手法折射出当今社会----------。人们认为教育缺位至少是出现这种现象的直接原因。然而,深层原因在于共识没有形成、对应的规范模糊不清、价值紊乱、制度管理缺少细节、目光短浅、心态失衡、处罚机制不完善、政策法规不健全、情绪焦虑,压力大、监督不够、快节奏、信仰危机、个人主义抬头,当然还包括他们缺乏正确的引导。





第一句:This situation is anticipating the sweet dew, that is the precautionary measures which are more effective than treatment.

第二句: On the macroscopic level, it is extremely urgent to establish the government-led, social organizations and educational institutions-supplemented---------- concept guiding mechanism, and at the same time, provide---------- support, to take strict precautions against the devil in the gap between systems to the greatest extent.

第三句On the individual level, instead of behaving unscrupulously, what the public should bear in mind is to strengthen the self-control and develop obligation sense.






第一句I was extraordinary astonished by what is shown in the provided illustration which is very shocked/ characteristic and educational/instructive. In the above picture/drawing/cartoon, 描述图片内容(如有两幅图,接着写 the other picture informs us that…), 

第二句:As is symbolically revealed in the picture,折射生活中的意义(如人们道德水平下降,社会风气差等).

第三句: What a representative and thought-provoking scene it is! 或Although universal/general/widespread and intelligible at first glimpse, the picture does embody profound implication.




第一句Why does this phenomenon appear? The reason is not far to seek.

第二句There are numerous reasons and I would explore only a few of the most important ones here. 

第三句For one thing, 如with the accomplishment of well-to-do society, people become well-off and have much money to enjoy themselves, but they lose some excellent traditional customs. such as diligent and thrifty.

第三句替换句With the economic globalization, China goes to the world and participates in the competition. At this time, the focused issue is transferred from inland to the foreign. Some problems and shortcomings were ignored.

第四句Certainly, 如the improvement of life level is not the sole reason for the circumstance,

                             如the environment/school education is also responsible for the problem .

第五句如under the pressure of test, the school and society ignore the importance of quality-oriented education(素质教育), give rise to the waste or corrupt phenomenon.

 第五句替换句:At present, general mood of society is influenced by many factors, in turn, it influences human beings especially the young /officials/uncivilized person. Many of them lack their own judgment and follow the general trend so that lose themselves. But at any time, we should be prepared for danger in times of safety.






Personally, in order to curb the deteriorating

situation, the following steps should be taken.

第二句The effective solution to this problem depends on the efforts made by both the government and the ordinary people. 

第三句Previously, many revelent policies advanced by Xi Jinping should be abided by all the persons and the government ought to make a proper policy concerning the problem. Simultaneously, the ordinary people should 如pay attention to the life-style and provide the awareness of qualified citizen.


In a word/To make a long story short/All in all, the whole society should pay close attention to the problem of 文章主题. Only in this way, can we live in an easeful and everlasting world. Let’s make concerted efforts to protect our home/save our society and ourselves.



漫画作文模板【英语一专用】积极型  (如环境保护,遵纪守法,素质教育等)



第一句:I was extraordinary astonished by what is shown in the provided illustration which is very shocked/characteristic and educational/instructive.


第二句:In the above picture/drawing/cartoon, 描述图片内容(如有两幅图,接着写 the other picture informs us that…), As is symbolically revealed in the picture,折射生活中的意义(素质教育,精神文化的重要性等)

第三句:What a representative and thought-provoking scene it is! 或Although

universal/general/widespread and intelligible at first glimpse, the picture does embody profound implication.



第一句:Obviously,the drawing mirrors a phenomenon about 图片表达的普遍意义 which is both revelatory and educational.

第二句:The reasons of this phenomenon are not far to seek. There are numerous reasons and I would explore a few of the most pivotal ones here. 

第三句For one thing, 如中国传统美德,社会价值取向等








To  begin with,China has a splendid culture of more than 5,000 years.  主题词is Chinese fine tradition.

第五句:This spirit will be passed from generation to generation. To build-up a harmonious society, every citizen has responsibility.

第六句 Certainly, 如优良传统、社会风气 is not the sole what is  more,education/culture propaganda also contributes to the situation. spiritual civilization is more important than material civilization. As  a famous writer William Shakespeare once said, Education has for its object the formation of character. So it is necessary to raise moral consciousness amongst the general public through school education.





At the present times, either school education or family teaching focuses on the relevant aspect in order to keep with the demand of social development.



第一句In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wound to heal.

 第二句In every heart, there is the power to do it.

正面this phenomenon can’t do without the struggle and payment of society.

To make a long story short, the whole society should pay close attention to such sound phenomenon. 


第四句:And we should carry forward the fine traditions and keep fighting for a better future.(或其它主旨) 


Only in this way, can we live in a world peaceful, colorful, and vigorous.









Two apparently opposite objects or phenomena.

A and B are nothing strange for us, because increasingly more argumentations about them can be found in TV programs, newspapers, university classes and many aspects of our everyday life.




   While A and B are widely known as contradictory to each other, we know little about the subtle relationship between A and B, as well as the principle that A and B influence the world jointly.

     From the superficial and partial point of view, A and B are simply and purely opposite. It seems that: the existence of A means the extinction of B或者A and B are each other’s barrier and restraint in their development.(选一)However, when analyzed more comprehensively, there is a dynamic but complicated relation between A and B.

for one thing, the contradiction between A and B is not constant. For another, there implies certain causality between A and B. Generally A and B restrict each other. But if without A, B also loses its regular significance.   




In general, we should reasonably recognize the relation between A and B.

On the basis of fully mastering the unity and utilize the contradictory movement of A and B, so that we can create a better mode and introduce striper impetus for social improvement






第一句:When it comes to XX, there is no agreement among people as to the issue of XX:

第二句some people hold a positive attitude towards it while others are against it.

第三句: In such an environment where 主题词 is playing an increasingly important role in 大环境如社会和学校. There are numerous reasons(methods/approaches) to account for the phenomenon ( 或者 to contribute to this issue), I would explore the most conspicuous ones below.


第一句:One of the primary reason(方法:method, to my mind, is that such a phenomenon as revealed in the picture (topic/ problem)has aroused wide-spread social concern ,

第二句:Nowhere in history has the issue been talked about so much as in our society today.

第三句:Apart from that, the painting(topic/ problem) reveals an upsetting story and similar events happened and happening are hared or reported in nearly all aspects of our life .

第四句:What is also worth noticing (considering) fact is that Enhancing people’s awareness of such practices and setting up relevant rules and regulations ought to be top priorities of the agenda.





第一句:In conclusion, taking into account of the above/(或 In brief, we may safety (safely) arrive at the conclusion that), we may reach the conclusion that it is high time that such stories were (should be) terminated or at least reduced/enhanced.

第二句 Only when such happenings come to an end can we maintain a happy and harmonious society as we all wish, vice and verse.




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